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Comprehensive& Compassionate Urological Care

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Consultant Urologist Dr Robert Tan and Dr Lincoln Tan

Urology Clinic in Singapore

Delivering comprehensive and personalised treatments for a wide range of urologic conditions. Consultant urologist Dr Robert Tan and Dr Lincoln Tan lead the clinic with more than 45 years of combined experience.

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Advanced Urology Diagnostic & Treatment
Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments
In-House Urology Operating Theatre & Clinic
In-House Operating Theatre
Over 45 Years Combined Experience in Urologic Conditions
Over 45 Years Combined Experience
Insurance Claims Assistance at Tan Urology
Insurance Claims Assistance

Specialised Urological Services

Our Team of Urologists
Consultant Urologist Dr Robert Tan

Dr Robert Tan is a practicing consultant urologist with over 35 years of experience. He graduated from the medical school at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and has cared for thousands of patients over the decades.

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Consultant Urologist Dr Lincoln Tan

Dr Lincoln Tan is a consultant urologist and accredited robotic surgeon. Dr Tan is trained in all aspects of open and endoscopic urology and specialises in the minimally invasive treatment of urologic cancers.

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Complete Urological Services

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Prostate Conditions, Treatment, & Procedures

The prostate is a vital part of the male reproductive system, with its primary function being the production of seminal fluid – the fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. Specialist medical attention is needed to properly treat prostate enlargement, infection, and cancer.


We accept all patients, with or without insurance plans. Additionally, we are on the specialist panels of the following Health Networks/Insurance Plans:

Patient Insurance - Great Eastern
Patient Insurance - NTUC Income
Patient Insurance - AIA Group


Dr Lincoln Tan is an established urologist who is regularly featured in the media for his professional insight on various urological issues.

Browse his press coverage here.

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